Spam E-Mails by swift on sunday

Hey there,

it seems I am getting Spam by Zwift even though relevant notification settings are disabled and the ‘unsubscribe all’ button was pressed multiple times.
Is that normal behaviour for zwift?

I wouldn’t so much class it as spam. It’s just informing you of upcoming events etc…

Maybe setup a rule to auto delete the emails?

Unsolicited, unwanted E-Mails advertising stuff is per definition spam.
I explicitly said ‘no emails’.
So this is common practice with swift?

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They do send the odd email but not in great quantities.

I’m assuming you have all these off?

Of course.

In that case email and ask them to manually remove your email address if possible.

I also get these emails, clicking email preferences at the bottom of the email takes me to this:

probably one Zwift needs to sort out, a disgruntled subscriber could cause a lot of GDPR trouble if they so wished.

Hey there @Hurga_Burga welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I asked my colleagues to look into this for you and we found an issue affecting the email opt outs. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In the meantime - we’ve manually unsubscribed you from all emails.

For those who search their way to this thread and would like us to do the same for you - please contact my Support Colleagues, and we’ll be glad to assist. We generally take these requests offline to guard your privacy on this public forum


Thank you

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