Unsolicited Emails

Since joining Zwift I have experienced an increasing number of emails from Ladies offering their services. I set up a new email address for Zwift so the source of these emails must be through Zwift.

Have our personal details in your System been compromised or is it a feature to tempt us away from our bikes?

Just received this email.

Sherry Sherry_Vick
July 18

Hi, how’s it gоing? Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. Wanna no strings attached.Follow me here [deleted] and add me as a friend

Yeap I had one today also. Logged it with zwift.

There was a spate of spam forum posts or PMs earlier. Depending on your settings, you might get an email when someone PMs you or tags you in a post. You can turn that off in Preferences:

I deleted the accounts responsible (at least, the ones I saw or was notified about).


Has Zwift sold our email addresses to boost their cashflow?

Something dodgy has definitely been happening. In another example, after submitting photo/evidence of weight for a Zwift-organised race (Tour de Bouddica), a couple of riders have noticed changes made to their weight settings on ZwiftPower.

This seems like unauthorised access to personal data to me… by Zwift. And, given their passwords have been accessed, this could compromise part or all of their online data (depending on whether they use the same or similar password elsewhere).

If your email, which you’ve only used for Zwift, has been leaked out in any way, there’s a data breach that needs investigating and explaining.

Hey @JJ_1940,

Wish you haven’t posted with all those links intact… essentially, you are spreading the spam yourself now… :frowning:

All - thanks for reporting. We’d prefer you private message one of the forum moderators / admins.

We’ve tightened up forum permissions to make it more difficult for this to happen. Thank you for reporting it.


Good point, I’ve removed them.

As for selling email addresses, I think it’s unlikely. It’s more likely people have their settings set so they get an email from the forum when they get a PM.

It’s currently trivial to get a list of users by visiting specific pages on the forum. People don’t even need to be logged in to see them. I’ll report to the admins and see if that can be tightened up.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to see a bunch of spam threads on here, and they sit there until a mod sees them. The signup process could do with being harder, need some CAPTCHA or similar.

While we are at it, best if Zwift would place limits on forum access (maybe granting access only to “General Discussion”, or, possibly, create a “New Member” forum.) Something like “you can’t access unless you rode/run 20 miles.”


Spam threads, yeah. We delete those when we see them or get notified, but it can sometimes be a while until a mod or admin is online to see them.

Should ask new signups to describe the trainer difficulty setting.