Not Getting Zwift Emails

Since I created my account, I do not receive any emails from Zwift. I have no memory of blocking or unsubscribing. Spam folder is empty. I looked around the Zwift website for email/communication settings but I did not find anything.

The first thing I would suggest is to whitelist You should do it both on your email client and also log in to you email providers webmail and make sure it’s whitelisted there also.

You should get an email notifying you that I just replied to this post.

Thanks for the quick response. @zwift is whitelisted and I never got any emails from forum responses in the past. I will try to change my email in the settings.

Before you change your email, you might want to take a look at this post (look at the notification section): Noob Tips: How to Navigate Zwift Forums

I would have just posted that part, but I’m on my iPad and it’s not easy to do with it.

Yea I’m not getting any notifications by email. I did change my email and I received notifications there. I guess my email account doesn’t like Zwift :frowning: Thanks for your help!

You could try contacting your email provider and see if they can whitelist

I also do not get update information from Zwift by email. I do get the adverts for new missions tho!

I had to send an email to support for them to manually add me to their mailing list again.