Missing out on emails?

I’ve participated in several events that others have. Others have said they’ve received emails from Zwift (for example the 10,000 calories challenge). They say when they’ve finished the challenge, they got an email from Zwift. I never received an email. I participated in the promotional run events (used in the public release). Others have said they’ve received emails for their Zwift water bottles and stickers. Again, I’ve never received the emails (or bottles/stickers). I’ve checked my account and the email address I’ve provided shows on the website. I’ve checked my “junk” email folder and have no emails. What have I done wrong?

thank you,

Kenny Shinn

double check that junk folder…go to your ISP web site email if they have one…I had nothing in my junk folder (mac mail) but on my ISP web site mailguard folder was my zwift email that I had to manually mark as “ok”.