E-mails from Zwift

Do others users ever get e-mails from Zwift?

I have only ever had 1 email which was the initial welcome mail since then nothing which seems a bit weird these days.

Checked spam?

Yep, nothing in the spam either.

Perhaps you opted out of emails.

Check here:


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I get them regularly, got one today celebrating my one year Zwiftiversary.

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That was it Daren, thanks.

They must be all unsubscribed by default as I haven’t changed them, strange I can’t even find a way to get to get to that page from my profile.

Nor can I, and I agree it seems an oversight. I dug it out from an email I’d been sent earlier this week.

Maybe @shooj can feed back to the web team that email preferences are hard to access.

It’s not an oversight; it’s a construction site.

The preference center is only partially live because we have to complete some other work. It’ll be made more prominent once that section and the back end systems they’re connected to are available in all our supported languages.

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Like so much else in Zwift it seems.