Zwift support is more painful than an FTP test

Just before the New Year I updated my email in my Zwift profile from my work email to my personal email. I am subscribed to multiple of Zwift’s email updates and wanted them out of my work inbox and in my personal. After updating my email address the email’s still continued to be sent to my work email.

I contacted Zwift support on January 5th, 2023 about the issue. They responded by telling me to update my email address in my profile which I already did but I went and saved it again anyways. Of course this did not fix the issue. Next I was instructed to update my email preferences which hadn’t changed but nonetheless I went and saved my email preferences as requested. This did not fix the issue.

The support team then sent off a request to another team to manually update my email address and told me it would take a few weeks. Seems pretty crazy that it would take that long to update an email address but this seemed like progress. January 17th, 2023 was the last time I received an email to my work email address but no emails were coming through to my personal email address. It seems as if they unsubscribed me completed which is not what I requested at all.

I followed up with the support team and was told yet again that it would be a few weeks to change my email address over to my personal email address. It has now been 40 days since I first contacted Zwift support and I am still not receiving emails. During this entire exchange I’ve had the following happen:

  • I’ve been called the wrong name (John?)
  • Had a request sent to me for provide feedback on how my issue was resolved when my issue was still ongoing
  • Had multiple automated emails asking me to provide feedback on the latest support message even though the latest message told me to wait a few weeks
  • I’ve been told countless time “how frustrating it must be” or “how happy Zwift support is to help” to the point it’s patronizing and even when I brought this up it still continued
  • All my questions about what is going on have been completely ignored
  • My responses have clearly not been read

I really just want to stay up to date with Zwift news like the latest features, workout of the week etc. I really cannot understand how updating an email address has turned into an issue that has lasted over a month.

TLDR; It’s been 40 days and Zwift support can’t handle updating an email address.

my condolences john. that must be so frustrating. let me reassure you that zwift support are doing absolutely nothing to rectify this situation. i’ll pass this on to the other support team ASAP. please expect a response within the next 48 hours, even though you won’t get one


Hi Jared,

I’ve asked someone to have a look at this for you.


There might be something else going on. I just checked and I’m subscribed to almost all Zwift communication in my profile and haven’t changed my email but also haven’t received any emails from Zwift in at least a month (other than notifications from this forum).

Hi @Jared_King,

Thank for you for the feedback regarding your experience. I apologize for all of the back and forth and confusion.

I have escalated this to our email management team to make sure you are set up correctly. I will shoot you a private message so we can get this resolved asap.


That’s very possible.

Have you tried double checking your spam/junk folders? If you’re using gmail sometimes the emails can end up in promotions/social/updates instead of straight to the inbox.