Ability To Block Followers (Without Having To Follow Them First)

I find that I sometimes get followed by random accounts from people I don’t know, have never met, and have no desire to interact with. Some of them might be bots, though most are probably people desperate to increase their own follow count (hoping that people they follow will follow them back). Either way, in order to block someone from following you, you must current 1) Follow Them 2) Remove Them As a Follower and 3) Unfollow Them. This should be easy to simplify - there should be a simple way to block or remove anyone who is currently following you. You shouldn’t have to do this stupid dance to get rid of these cyber stalkers.

You could go to Settings>Privacy and turn on Approve Follow Requests and should prevent any random people from following you. \

Edit: Seems you already have that set.


Regardless, you shouldn’t have to follow someone, just to stop them from following you. That’s kinda silly and should be quite easy to resolve.

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Even more is the fact that even if i’m paying for the “zwift experience” i’m unable to change anything concering my privacy on my desktop. you need a smartphone. very low if not to say disappointing considering the fact that this will never be changed.


It’s clear a man designed this feature. Zwift: The privacy setting should be the default.


If you are using a smartphone you can block people from following you. If using a pc your outta luck. I have a person getting text messages notifying them that im riding on Zwift. Seems a little intrusive that someone has the abilty to go that far to to harass me. #unwanted .Why doesnt Isnt Zwift following its own privacy polocies. In profile you have to opt in to make things public. Why not this.

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Let’s leave the sexism out of Zwift world shall we.


Anyone have any advice…someone keeps giving me Kudos within minutes of each of my rides regardless of time of day; my acct is private and although this person (whom I have never met but does know people I ride with online and IRL) followed me I have removed them as a follower. My question is can I stop them from what feels like peculiarly like stalking. Kind of figured they would get the msg when I made my acct private and removed them as a follower… but they must be a slow learner :slight_smile:


Are you positive you have removed them as a follower? If they are not following you it seems odd to me that they would know you are on Zwift ‘within minutes’.

If they aren’t a follower of yours, and therefore shouldn’t be able to favorite you in order to get a notification of when you start Zwifting I’m not sure what your other options might be, as once you are riding anyone can look you up and give you a ‘ride on’, even if your profile is set to private.

Hi Jeffery, thanks so much for your reply. That’s what I thought Re alerts but you gave me an idea…yes definitely had removed the person (I only have a small number of followers/ing) I see I had one follower whom I didn’t know and hadn’t approved my follow request. Would be ultra weird but possibly this person had made an extra account? OMG seems ludicrous and a touch paranoid of me (which is SO not in my nature) but the behaviour is a tad peculiar. They also happen to be a ride Leader I wonder does that give them any special ‘privileges’ within Zwift community? Anyway have removed the last unknown follower I had so fingers crossed. Would be great if this person just focussed on their 1500+ followers and those they are actually following lol Thanks again Ride on! :smile:

Hi Jane, I don’t know if this is the case, but I remember a Zwift bug some years ago when a ride-on was somehow automatically generated for somebody soon after starting a ride, always from the same person. I can’t seem to find the post right now, but maybe you should try contacting support on this.

What does anyone’s chromosomes or genitals have to do with this? Because women are victims and men are predators? What kind of personally identifiable information are you putting up on Zwift that you are concerned about?

Agree totally! Thinking off some people are collecting followers or kilometers :joy:. Zwift we still need a method to block stubborn followers in Companion.