Stop notifications to followers

Hi does anyone know if there is an option to turn off notifications going to others?

Let me explain. When I start Zwifting followers get a notification saying XXXX has started Zwifting. I don’t have a choice to make the ride private until the end of the ride.

Is there no way to have a private ride without anyone knowing?

If there is not, is it compliant with GDPR, privacy laws?


Your follower has set you up as a favourite, resuting in a notification of your ride.
If you are getting notification for someone you follow then remove your favourite marker on that rider to stop notifications.

Thanks, Martyn,

What if I don’t want them to get the notification can I stop it?

Surely it should be MY decision if people get notified about what I am doing.

Is there a privacy setting that I can control who gets notified when I go online?

I think this could be a real legal issue with Zwift.



Within your privacy settings you can stipulate that you need to approve follower requests. I suspect that the logic is that if you approve them to follow you then you are happy for them to make you a favourite and receive notifications of your ride start.

I’m not sure Martyn,

If they decide to add me as a favourite it takes the decision of who gets notified about what out of my hands, thus not enabling me to control my privacy and who knows what and when I do it.

Surely I should have the choice at the start of my ride to decide who knows I am on Zwift or not, it seems I have no control of this once someone decides to follows me.

Please refer to this thread: Cannot disable OUTGOING Notifications

Add user privacy to the list of things they don’t appear to give a toss about. I’ve been asking for weeks why my full name is now shown on this board (completely open to the internet) when previously I had an alias, and why this change was made without my permission. No answer.

Of course if I was really concerned I could just delete my forum account (why should I have to?)… except there’s no way to do that either.

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Hey I know I’ll just go see what the privacy policy is.


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mine worked

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I could do that for you, lol.


Open the companion app



Activity Privacy Default



Not tried it myself, I like the ride-ons…

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You can also set the default for new followers to your approval by the looks of it.