Stopping Notifications to Followers

I was recommended by Zwift support to post this here.

Are there any plans in the future to have a toggle switch for allowing or not allowing followers to know the very second that you start zwifting? I want to keep all of the people that are following me as it allows me to create meetups with them, but I do not think it is a hard ask to not have them get a push notification when I start a Zwift ride.

They just wanted rid of you, there’s literally zero point posting it here. Sorry.


they really need to stop doing that… it is pointless…

See this thread, it already exists and has 171 votes, not that votes make any difference either.


Years later and they still refuse to fix this.

I think they believe that would reduce the social interaction.
Same with incognito mode. Simple fix but never will be done. Empty roads are the nightmare of these platforms.