Privacy Settings Request - incognito mode

(Jeremiah Martin) #1

Zwift community is fantastic.

However there are times that a rider may want to get a workout in without broadcasting to the world.

It is often possible with videogaming to select at start of the game between online multiplayer and solo/campaign mode - I wonder about adding a button or option at the startup screen to allow a user to ride solo versus in the multiplayer enviornment?

Here’s a typical use case - a person who may have had a light day at the office, who is entitled to go home early, and whose boss may have listed them as a “favorite” in Zwift. That notification that the boss receives “xx is Zwifting now” is a giveaway! And while there is nothing “illegal” in this case, it does open the door for commentary and guilt-tripping :slight_smile:

(G) #2

Sounds funny, but actually very valid request … fully support this (voted)! :sunglasses:

(Jim) #3

In this scenario, why not just tell your boss, “I’m going home early to Zwift”?

(Jeremiah Martin) #4

LOL - good point! :smiley: I guess it helps that I’m a co-boss in this scenario :rofl:… this conversation happened when a staff member and I had a “water cooler conversation” about some mildlly irritating behaviors of another member of the management team …

(G) #5

I know this is different sport, but it reminds me of this famous TV commercial :slight_smile:

(Jeremiah Martin) #6

Oh that is FANTASTIC :smiley: made my day…

(Ward Brady) #7

Or maybe turn your privacy settings on, and don’t allow co-workers to follow you…

(Jerry) #8

I dont know if this would work for anyone else, but I have found that setting my router firewall settings to anything above the Low setting will not allow Zwift Companion to connect. It also will not allow other riders to show up on the map, essentially letting me ride the route alone. Very handy on days when I’m not feeling social.

(Jim) #9

Hey! It looks like Zwift implemented your suggestion already. Everyone was anonymous this morning! (Look behind me.)