Can’t disable notification in companion app

(Martin Svensson) #1


There seems to be a bug with the notification settings in the Zwift companion app. I tried to disable the notification when friends starts zwifting, it looks like it’s turned off but after a complete restart of the app it’s still enabled. Notifications are also still sent “John Doe started zwifting”.

I tried this on iOS on two different device with same result.

(Vincent) #2

Investigating! Thanks for the heads up.

(Michael) #3

I’m getting the same behavior on my companion app as of today (12/31/18)

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(Martin Svensson) #4

@Vincent any plan when you are able to fix this? Thanks!

(jason malec) #5

Hi Vincent, Same thing for me. Notification settings are lost every time I exit the companion app. Can you let me know once this bug is fixed, please?
Thanks, Jason

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

Question Are all of you reporting this behavior for IOs devises or do you see it on Android.

I have tested this on Android and it seem to work correctly?

(jason malec) #7

Hi Gerrie,

I’m using IOS, and setting changes still don’t “stick.”

Thanks for your help.

(Martin Svensson) #8

Same here, iOS only, however the same bug on both devices (phone and iPad)

(Vincent) #9

Hey all, we’re still reviewing and testing a fix for this bug. I’ll update this post when we receive new information. Thank you!

(Two) #10

Thanks, Vincent. The biggest concern IMO is that not being able to disable push notifications from being SENT to followers completely negates any privacy. (i.e., Followers that have a user selected as a Favorite will still get a push notification when the rider begins an activity despite the default privacy setting being “Only Me” for all activities.) Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

(Chicken) #11

`I agree. I’d like to be able to turn off notifications that are SENT to my followers when I start Zwifting.

(Daniel) #12

Agree with you. What’s the point of having privacy on my rides if my fallowers can see when I start a activity+plus they can watch me what I do where I ride watts and everything. Totally useless system of privacy. Hope Zwift will have some sense very soon on that