Can’t disable notification in companion app


There seems to be a bug with the notification settings in the Zwift companion app. I tried to disable the notification when friends starts zwifting, it looks like it’s turned off but after a complete restart of the app it’s still enabled. Notifications are also still sent “John Doe started zwifting”.

I tried this on iOS on two different device with same result.

Investigating! Thanks for the heads up.

I’m getting the same behavior on my companion app as of today (12/31/18)

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@Vincent any plan when you are able to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Vincent, Same thing for me. Notification settings are lost every time I exit the companion app. Can you let me know once this bug is fixed, please?
Thanks, Jason

Question Are all of you reporting this behavior for IOs devises or do you see it on Android.

I have tested this on Android and it seem to work correctly?

Hi Gerrie,

I’m using IOS, and setting changes still don’t “stick.”

Thanks for your help.

Same here, iOS only, however the same bug on both devices (phone and iPad)

Hey all, we’re still reviewing and testing a fix for this bug. I’ll update this post when we receive new information. Thank you!

Thanks, Vincent. The biggest concern IMO is that not being able to disable push notifications from being SENT to followers completely negates any privacy. (i.e., Followers that have a user selected as a Favorite will still get a push notification when the rider begins an activity despite the default privacy setting being “Only Me” for all activities.) Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.


`I agree. I’d like to be able to turn off notifications that are SENT to my followers when I start Zwifting.

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Agree with you. What’s the point of having privacy on my rides if my fallowers can see when I start a activity+plus they can watch me what I do where I ride watts and everything. Totally useless system of privacy. Hope Zwift will have some sense very soon on that

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I haven’t been using Zwift that much this summer but I’m prepping to use it this fall/winter. I updated the app and now I’m getting notifications from Zwift every time someone I follow starts to ride. There isn’t a Zwift icon in my notifications anymore so there’s no way to turn it off. Make it stop! Heading into the Zwifting season is going to wreak havoc on my work life.

You should only get notifications for the Zwifters you have favorited, so if you no long want those notifications unfavorite everyone.

Paul_Allen, incorrect. The Zwift notifications are embedded in the companion settings and not in my IOS. I was able to turn them off there and not “unfavoriting” everyone as you have recommended. That would be a horrendous solve.