Companion not showing favorite rider notifications

I wrote a post that explains the issue fairly thoroughly:

I’ve been pondering this a bit, and I think this is actually a very important bug to address… because these notifications are an important part of keeping Zwifters engaged, and building the community! Even if the weather is nice and you’re not Zwifting a lot, seeing that others are doing it keeps Zwift “on the mind.” That’s important. And giving more Ride Ons… that’s always a good thing.

Anyway, I wanted to post this as a bug report because it appears to be an issue for a LOT of people.

Hi Eric,

I’ve gone ahead and flagged this issue up to our dev team so we can take a closer look at it. Thanks for reporting the bug!

Actually I think it’s more important to maintain privacy and not overwhelm people with needless tripe. Just because you think someone needs to be inundated with information to ‘remain engaged’ is just pro-zwift propaganda. And while I think Zwift is a great tool when it’s needed it’s not the be all to end all, and should not be. Think about it, a fake indoor environment being preferable to the outdoor space? That’s absolutely something we should not be promoting exclusively. It’s so similar to the dangers of social media it’s not even funny.

At any rate, my complaint, which has just as much merit as yours, is that the Companion app doesn’t seem to pay any attention to notification settings. Because I don’t want to know what everyone else is doing; that other people are starting to zwift, I’ve tried to turn off all notifications. Unfortunately I still get notifications peeking when the settings are set to to off. And so now since the app won’t behave the way it’s supposed to, I will have to delete it.

Steve A

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