Random 'started riding' notifications coming when person is not riding

(Steven) #1

I’ve started receiving notifications for cyclists who are not cycling. Today at 12:36 I received a notification for someone ‘started riding’ and when I went to the companion app the person was not riding and had not ridden.

I have only noticed this since the last big update to the companion app.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

(Steven) #2

Hi Steven,

This is not something I’ve heard of as yet, however, it would be good to get some feedback from the community and discover if this is a more widespread issue.

Just for clarification, is both your primary Zwift app and your Zwift Companion up to date with the latest available versions? Thanks for sharing!

(Steven) #3

This is happening on Companion app. I would suspect that the app is updated since Android does it without my interaction but I will check and see if it needs to be done.



Same thing happened to my husband companion, just random even though he asked not to be notified :imp::imp::sob::sob:

(Steven) #5

I enabled wi-fi 2 days ago so apps could update, so far no random notifications but it’s only been a few days. If it occurs again I will post back.


(Nick) #6

Yeah I’ve been having this issue as well. Two riders in particular. One I’m following and one I’m not. I get a notification most mornings on iPhone.

(Steven) #7

After thinking it was solved I got a notification for a non-rider yesterday. It’s someone I follow but they weren’t riding…

(Steven) #8

And again twice today it occurred.