Favourite is Zwifting Notifications have Stopped Working

Myself and the Mrs share a smartbike so we are never Zwifting at the same time.

When one of us starts, the other used to get a companion app notification that they had started Zwifting (this was handy as we could respond with a Ride On for encouragement)

This stopped working a couple of weeks ago and we no longer get notifications when the other starts Zwifting.

We are using the Windows version on a PC for our main Zwift machine and we use android phones with the companion app.

Anyone else experiencing this - It must be an issue as its stopped working for both of us simultaneously.

We have the same issue - no push notifications for favourites zwifting - also ride on bomb (white circle around my arrow) has disappeared since the last update.

My ride on bomb as you call it is still working on my android tablet ? Strange…

We are the same Roy, me and hubby share the smartbike, I am still getting the notifications that my hubby is riding and he gets mine I have my hubby but for some reason in activities in ‘favourites’ only my own rides are showing and not his. It used to show his. I am following lots of people but only have him as a favourite. I have tried uninstalling the Companion app and reinstalling but is still only shows my rides. Please help. I hope this makes sense.

Did you ever get this working again?
I’m not having any luck on android, i get ride-on notifications post ride, but nothing at all when my two favourites ride.