Favorite Starts Riding Notification Not Working

I used to get a notification on my cellphone when a user marked as Favorite starts riding. Not anymore. My Notification setting for Favorite Starts Riding is on. I made it off then on again, still no change. How do I fix?

Thank you,


Hi Alina-

We are currently working on resolving this issue and will have a fix in a future update.

Thanks for your patience and ride on!

I have this same issue - did a fix come out for this that I may have missed? It works fine on my husband’s phone and our settings are configured the same…

Thank you!


This has started happening to me and a couple of friend over the last two months.  Was a fix implemented?

I also USED TO to get notifications when a favorite started up on zwift. It really was fun. Unable to do this for months now. I’ve clicked “on” all zwift associated notification settings. Is this a glitch that can’t be fixed.

Per your instructions I Will check with the person whose riding I want to be notified about. - and see if they have a private profile. But I didn’t think a riders profile would be private if I follow him, and he is following me???

Same issue here, used to work like over a year ago and haven’t been able to get it to work again. Zwift - Is this fixed yet?

Notification was working great !

Not working for some user not all of them

In the last 3weeks i am receiving a notification each time a friend ends is training

I am having the same issue where I am no longer being notified when favorites are riding.  It worked great about 3 months ago.