No notifications for favourite riders, ZCA on Android 12

I’m experiencing a loss of notifications on my phone as of the last 2-3 months.
I have tried to clear cache, cache and local data, reinstall.
I’ve checked that notifications are on, and that the app has access to notifications in android.

But no matter what i do, my favourite followers zwifting will NOT trigger notifications on my phone at all.

Can someone please tell me if there is other settings on android i can look at?

Hi @Robert_Graawe_V

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting any notifications from the Zwift Companion (ZC) app on your Android device.

My first suggestion is that you take a look at your notification settings in the ZC app, and make sure they’re properly enabled. You can also try toggling them OFF, then back ON again to see if that triggers it to work. For more information on that, please see the bottom portion of this article.

Otherwise, I can check with the team and see if there are any known issues for this. I would, however, be curious to know if you’ve tried using a different phone or tablet for ZC or have you only used the same Android?

I ask because I’m wondering if this issue is isolated to the one Android you’ve tried or if it’s occurring on multiple different devices. Knowing this would help to determine if it’s a device-specific issue or perhaps something to do with the settings on your account.

I will test this on another Android on saturday. :slight_smile:
If that works, i will try a factory reset of my phone.

That is a shame. For a minute then I thought Zwift had disabled out going notifications finally as per this thread.

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No mate, tho it certainly feels like they have.
I want it to work, as my friends get notifications when i ride, but i get none from them.

Hello Steven.
I’ve been doing a lot of testing, and i found that i had to remove my friends and add them again aswell as add them as favourite again to get it to work.
There seems to be a random issue with favourites not actually working after a while, but i do not have any more information than that.

Hi @Robert_Graawe_V

Thanks for info, and wow, that seems like a tedious workaround having to remove all your followers and add them back again. Some Zwifters have dozens upon dozens of followers and riders they follow, so I don’t think that would be practical for everyone. I’m glad it seemed to work for you, however.

I’ll reach out to the team, and see if this is a known issue. Thanks for flagging it up.

Hi @Robert_Graawe_V

I heard back from the team with an update on your issue:

As it was explained to me, notifications only appear for ‘favorite’ riders, not followed riders, so that seems to be part of the issue.

Additionally, there was a known issue or ZC bug where push notifications were broken entirely on Android OS 12, but I was informed that this has been fixed in app version 3.32.1. However, there were some additional resulting issues that are now fixed with the release of ZC app version 3.32.2.

Our recommendation is that you do the following:

  1. Install ZC app version 3.32.2 (if you haven’t already), which should have just recently been released or will be released very soon.

  2. Confirm that the riders you want push notifications for are ‘favorite’ and not just followed. As you may already be aware, this is done through ZC, and I believe the pertinent details are in this article.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Steven,

Any idea how we can prevent our followers from getting a notification when we start riding, apart from removing all followers.

You can’t. It’s a regularly requested feature.

I am curious as to the reason you would want this.
Is it someone stalking you? or do you have that one friend who allways calls you when you’re working out?
Or is it a privacy concern?
Bechause if it’s the latter, then removing their notification does NOTHING for your privacy, as they will see what you HAVE done rather than see what you ARE doing.
If it’s privacy then blocking the person should be the only way to go about it imo.

Call it competitiveness. I want to race against my friends but I’d rather not share my training with them.

Vote up this Feature Request - its been around a while but people have some fairly legitimate privacy reasons (yours included) and I wouldnt be surprised if this wasnt acted on sooner rather than later.

That’s a good reason, but wouldn’t they be able to see it after the fact?
I don’t dissagree with your privacy needs, but i think what you’re asking for is more than a simple disabeling of notifications.
You would need a “make my workouts private” switch like strava have, to completely hide them from your friends.

Code looks like:

is notification privacy set to “required” or “not required”
if “required” the block notifications
else activate notifications

Not really hard at all.

Sure, you may have to make individual or all rides private, but thats easy too. But you can do all this and still maintain the benefits of having favs with very little effort. It shouldnt even be a discussion tbh (EDIT: not directed at you Robert, thats a dig at Zwift)…

Yeah no i get it completely.
I’m all for having privacy options, i just wanted to understand the thought process so i knew what i was reading here. :slight_smile:

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To be honest I left Zwift last year as I didn’t want to notify my friends when I was training. I came back over Christmas to do some group rides and races. Now I’m back to trianing I’m going to leave Zwift and use a different platform. I can’t justify the monthly price for the occasional race.

The value of Zwift racing is not as great as my need for privacy.

You can make Zwift rides private once you have finished a workout. I just don’t want all my followers to get a notification when I start riding and I don’t think they should be able to see my power data as I’m riding either.

I’m sure there will be some people who say this request is a little odd given that we’re all amateurs and ultimately we train to have fun. My point is that we should have the option to control all of our privacy settings, regardless of motive.

Looks like others here answered your question already. Not to rehash what was already said, but what you’re wanting seems like a known feature request. Thanks for your input!

On the contrary Steven. I asked you so you could give the community an answer on a well established and a well ignored request.