Cannot disable OUTGOING Notifications

Cannot find a way to disable push notifications from being SENT to followers. This completely negates any privacy. Followers that have a user selected as a Favorite still get a push notification when a Favorite user begins an activity despite the Favorite user’s default privacy setting being “Only Me” for all activities. Please create an option to disable OUTGOING notifications. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

Hey @Two_Six thanks for raising this concern! If you don’t mind can you let me know which device you’re using for Zwift Companion?

Update: @Two_Six I’m going to move this to feature requests as this not a bug, but we understand the use of such an option. It’s not on our immediate roadmap but it is a feature that we’re aware of. For now you would have to set your profile to private and disallow followers (that way no one can set notifications).

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@Vincent_Williams1: Gotcha. Using an Iphone for ZC. So just to clarify, I would have to delete all followers and set profile to private to ensure no notifications go out?

@Vincent_Williams1: When you say “set your profile to private”, are you referring to “Activity Privacy Defaults” under “Privacy” on the ZC app or something else? That’s all I can find related to general Privacy (other than the notifications and approve follower requests).

Hey @Two_Six I’m talking about the Approve Follow Request toggle. And yes, I mean we wouldn’t want you to delete all your followers but currently there seems to be no option to stop sending push notifications to Zwifters who have you set as a favorite. I’ll keep up with the progress on that.

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Has this been updated? Is there a setting now to turn this off? I keep getting texts from a friend who is following me every single time I ride. Not very private :frowning:

No. I did a ride today and got “Ride Ons” from people who have “favorited” me right after I started riding, despite having all privacy settings on. It’s a cruel joke. Very disappointed Zwift has not made this a priority.

Yeah it’s too bad :frowning: as much as I love riding with thousands of others around the world, I really would like to still remain private to those locally that I know especially.

@Vincent_Williams1 Any progress on this?

Any luck with this hugely annoying privacy issue, massive STALKER issue.
Enabling needy, creepy people to keep tabs on you.

If there are people following you that you don’t want to follow you, why don’t you just remove them from your followers list? Then, if your profile is private, they won’t be able to add you back and, therefore, won’t be able to ‘favorite’ you.

Any update on this. What if you are still friends but you just don’t want to notify everyone when you are riding.

Seems like it could be a very simply fix. Please put it in.

I’m not sure I understand the issue here. If you allow someone to follow you on Zwift (whether by having an open profile or by approving their follow request) it is then THEIR choice as to whether you are one of their favorites, or not. If you are, a notification goes to them (not everyone) when you start Zwifting. From my POV, if you’re willing to allow someone to follow you, you should be willing to be one of their favorites. Are you saying that you don’t think this should be the case? Are you suggesting that once someone is following you there should be a secondary approval process to allow them to favorite you? Something else?

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Like Strava, Garmin Connect and all other ride sharing platforms, private rides should be private to everyone, followers/favorites included.

You’re talking about having the option to set an activity’s privacy setting to private BEFORE starting the activity. I think this idea has merit. Post it to the Feature Request page.

Hi There. To put it simply. We need the option to disable the outgoing message “xxxxx is zwifting right now” so that we can train during work hours whilst our followers are still tied to their desks. Stealth training in other words.

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