Android ZC/ZML Notifications not Actionable and no Data

I’ve had this problem for a while but only just getting around to sharing it.

When I get notification of followed riders starting a ride on Swift the notification in Android no longer tells me who it is that has started a ride, and the notification is not actionable (you can’t press it to auto launch into the Zwift Companion app.

Android Version: 6.0.1
ZC Version: 2.2.4 (397)
Phone make / model: OnePlus One

When I checked your account a bit, I noticed two seperate smartphones running Zwift Companion - a Motorolla and a OnePlus. It may be that your notifications are going to one device and not the other if both are logged in at the same time. If that’s the case, please log out of both devices and remember to log out at the end of your sessions.

You may also want to check your notification settings under Zwift Companion:

Sometimes those settings will get turned off disabling specific features of notifications and the info they provide. If all of your settings look fine, I’d also check your follower settings to ensure you’re set to receive notifications properly.–Managing-Followers

If your notification woes persist, please send us an email at so we can research the issue a bit more in-depth.

Ride On!

Hi David

Yes, I do have 2 devices registered.  My daily driver (OnePlus) that I use generically during that day for giving out rideons and looking at / signing up to event etc.  And then an old phone (the Motorola) dedicated to the bike that is used when actually on Zwift (I don’t want to get my OnePlus that covered in sweat!).

I get notifications on both devices (which is a common thing for notifications to be shared across all android devices) it just that you can’t actually ‘do’ anything with the notification once it has arrived and it doesn’t actually tell you any useful information.  Again, for android notifications it is normal to be able to pull down on the notification to expand it and see additional details about the notification. 

The only thing available is to swipe it away and dismiss the alert.

I don’t remember this being a problem in the v1 days of ZML.  Has there been a fundamental change in the application architecture?

I’ll try logging out fully of the Motorola tomorrow and see if it makes a difference when the wife takes a spin later in the day on her setup.

I’ll let you know the results.

Hi David,  so here what I’ve tried and the results.

To ensure that ZC on my OnePlus phone had not been corrupted in some way, I cleared all of the app data / cache, uninstalled the app and downloaded / installed ZC on it again.

I then ensured that ZC on my Motorola was logged out.

Using my wife’s setup, I started a ride as her (I have her selected as a favourited rider).  Shortly after starting the ride, my OnePlus showed the notification that “followers started Zwifting” but not who, and when clicking on the notification it still does not then cause the ZC app to open.

To help show this, I recorded it as a video…

r. Mark