How do I get notifications of when my followers Zwift

I have notifications ticked but I never get notified. I get lots of ride on’s when I’m riding and I would like to return the favour but never know when people are riding. Is there something I’m missing?

You will only get notifications if one of your “favorites” starts Zwifting. You can favorite a rider by clicking the star icon next to the button that you clicked to follow them when looking at their profile.


I tend to open up the Companion periodically during the day, and give Ride Ons to anyone I follow, right from the Home Screen. Pretty easy way for me to acknowledge that we’re all on different schedules, and encourage whoever’s riding at that time.


Hi @deborah_nixon ,

I’m Steven with Zwift support, and thanks for your question! The observations from the others here have been spot on.

Also, you can find a lot of helpful information about the ZC app in this related article.

The pertinent information about Notifications specifically can be found towards the bottom of the article. It confirms some of the things others here have mentioned, and may provide you with some other helpful tips.

If you’ve more questions, feel free to reach out again!