Follow/unfollowing zwift users

Case: I want a specific zwift user to NOT follow me. What settings do I need to set in zwift account.

Have set privacy - activity privacy default = followers, but the the followers can follow me whatever I want or not.

It seems that zwift users can follow users whatever the users have set.

There are different privacy settings for your profile and for your activities. It sounds like you set the default activity privacy to followers, but I think you want to set your profile privacy to approve follow requests:

There has also been a recent discussion about harassment and blocking riders which Zwift says they’re going to work on:


Thanks! The slider «Approve Follow Requests» are set, but the problem is to remove/block any user that are following you before the slider is set or afterwards. Time for Zwift to create «block user» function right-of-way !

You can remove followers through the Companion app, but there is not presently any way to block specific users.

You can remove people that yourself follow, but the issue is to remove people that follow you!

Yes. You can do that in the Companion app. Open the list of your followers, select the name of the person. When their profile opens, tap the 3 dots in the upper right, then select ‘Remove Follower’ from the option list. You can also report the user from this list.


Thanks :pray::blush: