Hide me for a Follower

hello together
I would like only a particular follower to no longer see and be notified when I use Zwift. Is that possible?


No. Not without removing them as a follower.

It’s something that’s been requested before.

Have to been knocking off work early to go for a Zwift session and your boss doesn’t know. :wink:

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Hi Stuart

oh didn’t think it was that easy. So just delete the follower and then he doesn’t see me anymore and doesn’t know if I’m zwifte.
No it’s not me boss :wink:
Thanks for the answer

You can’t delete followers though, can you? Only who you’re following yourself.

You can stop them following you - goto followers, find the follower you want to remove, hit the 3 dots/menu top right (android at least) then remove follower.

I just followed you so you are welcome to delete me as a test!



Thanks, I didn’t realise that was possible. I just tested it out on you!


As above but you can also set your profile so you have to approve any future followers.