Feature Request: Notify me when a follower quits following me

As the title says or alternatively, when someone unfollows me, remove my following of them.

I’d think the first option would lead to unhappy people, given what we know about the effects of getting followers and such in general. It’s one thing to notify you when someone is paying attention to you–that’s definitely your business. It’s another to notify you when someone stops paying attention to you. That seems like ‘their business’, not yours :slight_smile:


It’s my business if I don’t want to be following someone who does not follow me back. If you don’t like the first option, then do what Facebook does: if someone unfriends you, they remove the person from your friends list. I would be happy if Zwift would do the same: if someone unfollows me, they are auto-removed from my following list. That really should be the default setting on Zwift.

With Facebook, though, it’s a two-way thing from the start. You are ‘friends’. On Zwift, though, there are ‘followers’, more like Instagram or X/Twitter.

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I don’t know how universal it is for following to be thought of as mutual. Tons of people have follower/following lists that are not equal size.

Say I decide to follow a pro rider for whatever reason. They accidentally click the button next to my name, and then see what they did and unclick it (because they have no idea who I am). So now I would unfollow them, automatically?

It might be just me. Unless I know someone, I typically only throw someone a follow if they have followed me. But I don’t care if they’re following me or not. Has no bearing on whether they are on or off my list. Why would it? Not asking rhetorically or sarcastically–why does it matter to you that you end up following people who aren’t following you? What’s the problem I’m not seeing?

What if you hit your limit like Michelle did: How to Remove/Delete Unaccepted 'Follow Requests'
Can you suggest an easier way for her to make her lists more usable?
How about a third button in companion or online - Followers who are not following ?
Got a better idea?

The problem there is just following too many people, isn’t it? I don’t see how it’s tied to mutual following specifically. Would the following numbers go down in this case if this idea was implemented? Sure. But there are a lot of methods that could be implemented to reduce that number. Just a big red ‘Unfollow Everyone’ button, for example :slight_smile:

The ‘unfollow everyone not following me’ button could work too, absolutely.

The difference there is that you wouldn’t be getting a notification every time someone unfollows you. That’s really the part that I see as ‘none of my business’–who decides to no longer follow me. And from a marketing and customer satisfaction perspective, I think it wouldn’t do Zwift any favors to add a feature that we know would make some people very unhappy. Maybe not you, maybe not me. But if someone logs on and sees that other people have unfollowed them…that’s going to upset a lot of people, like it or not.

Being able to get the effect without being notified doesn’t sound unreasonable :slight_smile: