Bulk Unfollow (based on activity level)

Zwift has a following limit of 5000 and, I assume, as similar limit on followers. In addition, outstanding requests to follow someone don’t time out, so they count against the 5000.

As a manager of a popular meetup, I run up against these issues and would like a way to periodically unfollow anyone who hasn’t been active in 30 days. Either the game could do this automatically for everyone across the board (opt out or opt in) or on demand. Currently the ONLY way to do this is to literally scroll through individuals on the companion app and tap their name, then tap their 30 day, verify zero, unfollow, confirm unfollow…it is incredibly tedious and time consuming. PLEASE give us a bulk unfollow feature of some kind!!!

I’m not worried about their activity level, but a bulk unfollow would be nice. I followed a ton of people a couple years ago (13,000 or so), and then they instituted the 5,000 limit. Now I can’t follow people I meet irl and want to follow because I’m over the allotment. I’m having to go and unfollow 8,000 individually, ugh!