COMPLETE list of followers, rideons in weekly mail

As so many others i’ve been careless with my follow button, and tho it has given me a bounty of followers back, i still have over twice as many that doesn’t follow back.
Normaly this wouldn’t bother me, but since i’m very active with giving rideons to people who are currently riding, and people that have ridden, i feel it’s in it’s place to only follow people who follow back.

This is however not possible as the current list is limited to 200 people.

Can you please fix this? This has been mentioned before in various places.

I would also like to have the rideons in my weekly mail like before.

That’s it, i’m happy with zwift in any other regard.

The limit is 5000. I stalked your account and got bored after counting at least 700 people you follow.

Where are you seeing this 200 limit?

I’m seeing this limit when i browse the list of people i follow, on the web not the app.
It only loads 200, then the button to load more followers goes away.

man. 19. okt. 2020, 09:15 skrev . via Zwift Forums <>:

Right, so your problem isnt adding >200 followers as the OP mentions but viewing >200 in the web app.

I jumped on to another user’s profile that has 800 zwifters followed and cant view beyond 180 on the web. The list just stops and no options to load more. Definitely a difference to the phone app.

To be fair, as you highlight, if this is the worst of your problems with Zwift then you are in a good place! Suggest you log a support ticket and referencing all the forum posts that mention this problem to help your case of “widespread impact” so they can prioritise accordingly.

Yes, this is a bit of a problem.
Trying to delete 800+ followers is easy using the web-interface, you just open every follower in a new tab, run zwift, see if you’re online in their follower list and if not; unfollow.
On the app however, it takes a really long time to do this as you have to check one at a time and then remember where you were on the list… it’s something i can’t possibly undertake.

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