How to Remove/Delete Unaccepted 'Follow Requests'

I’m getting a message in the Companion App that I cannot add any more ‘Follow’ requests (the max. # of people you can follow is ~4500, and I am at that number).

I’ve been told that all ‘Unaccepted’ Follow requests (requests to ‘Private’ profiles) count toward this max. total.

Unaccepted Follow requests don’t appear in my list of ‘Following’, nor of ‘Followers’, so I can’t remove them from there.

Does anyone know how to find (and then remove) all ‘Unaccepted/Pending’ Follow requests sent to riders with ‘Private’ profiles ?

Thank you

Hi Michelle, the max number used to be 5000 (search for “how many people can I follow”) and I haven’t seen anything since stating it’s been changed.
I think the only way to find unfollowing / unfollowed people is to search for them by name. I suggest keeping an offline list of those names so you can find them later.
I once hit that max too, but I removed anyone who wasn’t following me back from the list and currently my following and followed are both 2873 !!
If someone private starts following me, I request to follow back. The name will be at the top of the followers and if they don’t accept my request within a week, I bump them off my follower list.

Thank you. But, is there an easy way to find followers who are not following me back.
Stepping thru over 4000 profiles is a daunting task.
As for keeping an offline list of Follow requests to riders with Private profiles, too late now :slight_smile:

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Hi again,

I don’t believe there’s an easy way to find unfollowing followees; it would be nice if there was a third button in our profiles to show these.

There is a method and I have used it, but it does fall into the category of “daunting”. I’ve only done it once a year since 2020 and today I’m at 2875 and 2875. This is the first time this has happened, last year I ended up with ~18 more followed than following. In 2020, I started with 5000 following and only a couple thousand and some followees so I had a lot to clean up.

The method doesn’t find the private account requests and I’m sure I had some of those. How did they go away? I think over time some of them eventually accepted or rejected the request and some quit Zwift. That could be why I didn’t get a balance until this year.

The method ? OK. It’s simple, but not easy. Go to the shorter list, probably the ‘followers’. Now mark them All as favorites. I did this over a period of a couple or three weeks always starting back at the top and paging down many times and pressing onwards. During this time be sure to mark any new followers as favorites too. Be careful not to miss the favorite button or you will be back starting at the top and paging down to get back to where you were.

The next step goes a lot faster. Go to your other list, the ones you are following. Everyone following you back will be a favorite, so don’t unfollow them. Unfollow the rest. One caveat here, some might not be favorited because You are not following them back and now you will see an add follower button.

The first time I did this, there was still a large imbalance but it came down every year.

Repeat as often as desired; I found more than once a year was hard to face.

As for me, theoretically I might be able to stay in balance; we’ll where I am when spring happens and I suspend in favor of riding IRL !


Thank you for your advice. Yes, that is ‘daunting’ !
I wish Zwift Companion App would just show all ‘private’ + unaccepted requests as greyed-out icons in the ‘Following’ list, but apparently these users have now become ‘invisible’, not showing on either the ‘Followers’ nor ‘Following’ lists. That make no sense!

I’ve done something similar - I step through my ‘Following’ list and ‘unfollow’ anyone who has not been on Zwift in the last 30 days. Again, slow going.

Anyway, thanks again.

That’s a lot of buttons to press and on my phone, Samsung A14 5G, it’s totally impractical because after I go back from activity to profile, I can’t go back to the followers’ list. No matter whether I press Zwift’s back button or the phone’s back button, I end up back at the home screen and have to enter my profile, then followers, then scroll down … :angry::sweat_drops:
Maybe you have a different phone that works differently … :thinking:
And you could be removing some who are following you. I go inactive for about 200 days every northern hemisphere summer!
Too much time and finger fatigue when you have thousands to do; I can press 2 to 3 favorite buttons per second. Still a lot of time, but a lot less than drilling down to Activity for each one! :wink:
Let me know what you decide to do and how it turns out and good luck :exclamation: