Remove (multi) Follow Requests

How do I remove this metric tonne of follow requests?
According to the app, I have 21 Favorites and 21 Followers.
When I tap on Followers, it shows me a list a mile long, with orange “?”.
How am I supposed to sort that out? How did that list get there?
The ONLY way I was able to Remove a specific Follower was to get out a pencil and paper, write down their Zwift name. Then go to Find Zwifters, and type in the name I wrote down, then select the 3 dots upper right corner, and select Remove Follower.
Um… that’s way too many steps. Someone should address this.
If you post a detailed answer, indicating I have missed something obvious, please include explicit screen shots, and detail each step.

You can’t.

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Thanks - I guess it’s pencil and paper for the rare times I need to do it.

Nah, there is a quicker way.

Go to Zwift companion n then click on "notifications c top right.

This will bring up a list of all notifications you get, including people who want to follow you etc.

You then just click on them n then 3 dots in top right to bring up" remove follower".

No writing down required n a lot quicker.

Ride on all​:+1::+1::+1:

Thanks -
When I do exactly as you say, it indeed shows me all my notifications:
who’s given me rideOns, who has “requested” to follow me, who has commented on my ride in my feed. There is no 3-dot option. I am able to click the [X] next to each name to “ignore” the notification of the follow request.
However, even doing that, there are still a multitude (50 or more) follow requests, when I click on “FOLLOWERS”. See attached image.

NONE of these people are actually following me… it’s really annoying to see this list, when I just want to see my Followers actual list.

Well if you click on the ? Then you can either approve the request or deny it.

That will then clear them.

Hope it helps.