How do I remove Followers?

Before I set my privacy settings to approve followers request. I got some followers from the far east/Bloody annoying seeing the pop up on my followers list. These berks have thousands of followers and following. some sort of special berk activity collecting as many following or followers as possible.

Question? How do I get rid of them? I saw a post that said that if you follow them then unfollow them you can delete them - it doesn’t work.

Nasty privacy hole in my opinion. help please…


In the companion app, go to your profile. Then click on your followers list. Click on the one you want to remove and then in the top right click the 3 dots and choose remove follower. That’s on Android - may be different on IOS.

Thank you, very much i eventually found it.

It really ought to be easier, not obvious and not intuitive.



Looking at how to delete unwanted followers and followed your instructions. got to the list but no three dots on my app

The 3 dots should be in the top right once you have tapped a Follower you want to remove. See below …tap the Dots to view the option to Remove Follower

Then tap the Remove Follower


Thank you for your quick reply, and everything works untill I tap the three dots. All it says is “Report User”.


I only get “Report User” (without the Remove Follower option) I go onto my Following list, and pick someone that doesn’t follow me back. And you are definitely going into the Followers list and not the Following list? FYI, I just tried to see if I could unfollow someone from the Zwift website but the option doesn’t exist there (that I can see).

You may have some local corruption so no harm clearing the Companion app’s cache (or delete the app and re-install) to see if that helps. Failing that I’m out of ideas.

On my iPhone I cannot remove everyone, for some zwifters the option doesn’t exist. What’s interesting is that these zwifters have many, many followers (10000+). No idea how they did this.

generally if you follow somebody they quite often follow you back so some people spam follow requests for everyone they can find. I guess they could cap number of following by level to stop the really stupid where people just search and follow every single person they can find

Yes, true, that’s some sort of “spamming“. But I wonder why it is impossible to remove those spammers from my follower list while I can remove “ordinary“ zwifters. How do they do that?

Edit: Just checked it a bit further. It’s not limited to “spammers“, seems to be a random behaviour: I can remove some followers, with others it’s not possible. And it doesn’t seem to matter if the zwifter is “private“ or not.