Etiquette of removing a follower?

Just did a time trial today and now someone is following me (my profile that is, not on the bike)
A random person from another country.
I’m not known to them so curious why they are following me.
Is it possible to send a private message to another swifter, to ask them why they want to follow me when there is no connection.
What is the etiquette in removing a follower.
( I’m not a celebrity or anything, just seems a bit creepy someone following a stranger on zwift)

As is obvious I’m not into social media stuff, just want to ride my bike and compete when I can.

Hi @Domore_Hills

By all means remove them from your followers list, and consider marking your account Private so random people can’t just add you to their follow list. You are under no obligation ask someone you don’t know why they’re following you.

Here are the instructions for managing your followers.

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Obviously you have no requirements to do or not do anything–do what makes you happy and comfortable :slight_smile: But I’ll say that imo there’s no general reason to suspect something creepy is happening when someone follows you like this. Early on when I started, I followed one rider because they dusted me in a race and I just thought “I’d like to see what that person does, that was pretty impressive”. I don’t ‘stalk’ people I follow, but when I see they’ve done a big ride I might check it out just out of curiosity.

It’s okay to not want that happening, but I don’t think it’s any reason to be suspicious of someone. That sort of thing happens a lot on Zwift, I think. I’m just an average random dude, and I get the occasional person I passed on the virtual road following me after a ride. (There’s some privilege operating there, as another guy myself. I don’t know how you identify, but I know some females who don’t take these things as casually as I do, get a little suspicious of some random guy following them, and I don’t blame them.)

Anyway, just wanted to give you that perspective. Peace :slight_smile:

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Anybody else think the end-of-ride “rode with" thing is a bit confusing in that it does not offer the option to give a ride on and you might end up following people almost by accident?


You can go into your profile
If you don’t want a follower jut x them they will not follow you
Hope this helps you

You’re over thinking this. Just remove them. You don’t need have an exchange with them.

I do this all the time on zwift and on Strava. Then I figured out I could just set my profile to private and people need to request to follow.

If you don’t want them to follow simply ignore the request.

Thanks all, just wanted to get the etiquette right.

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The person may not even selected to follow you specifically. They might have just clicked on a list of riders who gave them a ride on with no more thought than clicking a mouse. There is no etiquette on this matter. Just remove whoever you want to remove.

Sometimes it may have been accidental.

That happens sometimes with companion app when you are trying to report the guy doing 226w with 5.9w/kg while also trying to go quickly up ADZ.

And wouldn’t worry about etiquette- just remove the follower.

I set my account to private so I don’t get followers.