Duplicate usernames

Please implement a code for not allowing duplicate in game usernames. Someone created and account with the same first initial and last name as myself. I took the better man route and changed my username.


Are you suggesting that people not be able to use their own names on their account if someone else already has that? There are a lot of people on this planet, duplicate names are just going to happen, especially when you’re talking about just a first initial and last name.


Use their name but alter it, my name is not common

I don’t think it’s required to have peoples ‘names’ on Zwift be the unique - they aren’t actually your Zwift username, and the way they are used they are deliberately changeable. People change them as they like - most obviously to indicate which team or group they are riding with at the time.

If someone is maliciously impersonating you then that’s a different question and you should get in touch with Zwift support to help deal with it.

Otherwise I agree with @Nigel_Tufnel - it’s unrealistic to think that your name should be unique on the platform. After all, despite you thinking that your name is not common you’ve found at least one other person who does share it.

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Hi Jason, if you believe someone is using your name for malicious purposes please reach out to support here so we can look into it. Many Zwifters like to use their real name as their display name so having a requirement of uniqueness would pose a challenge to members not only when creating an account but also when name changing to add identifiers to their name which some members do on a regular basis.

I think my brethren might get a bit unhappy if they weren’t allowed the same name.

There’s an awful lot of us.


Your not following any of them James? Rude!


I’m James Bailey and so is my wife!

I am following one of them! I’ve even raced against him!