Zwiftpower Setup Question

When I set up Zwiftpower this morning (I know, I must have been asleep at the wheel for 3 years - having results of all previous events is a nice thing and any improvement, you can see the progression…)…

It forced me to add a four digit number to the end of my surname in the Zwift profile.

But, do we need to keep that number there in the future for this to continue to work? I presume this is due to the fact that there are others with the same first and last name as me that is requiring this?

If anyone could clue me in - that way friends who come to the platform later don’t have to search for this my name using extraneous characters…

Hi @Todd_Madson

welcome to the forum,

You only need to keep it there until you see your ride/race information populated to Zwiftpower, then you can remove it. It usually only take one ride.


Thanks Gerrie! I was hoping it was something like that.