WKG result in my race

Hello, I did today my first race, but in the end result I have a ‘WKG’ can someone explain please? If possible in dutch and how can I prevent this next time?

Here is the explanation from Zwiftpower.com sorry it’s not in dutch. Basically you were in the wrong category and need to race up based on the levels indicated in the forum post here: https://www.zwiftpower.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5337


Hello, thanks for clearing this out.
So if I understand I need to race in cat.A (maybe B), allthough I can’t follow in cat. C. Bizar?!

Can you post your profile on Zwiftpower so I can see, I couldn’t find you under the name Bart Van Den Bosch.

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This is new to me, I am loged in, but probably this is not what you mean?

Copy and paste the web address of your profile, here is mine for example: https://www.zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=1025801

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I can’t see it. It’s all empty. But I am searching mine

they are asking to fill in some digits in my Zwift name? I Have them, placed them in my profile in my zwift name, but always an error. Not easy!

Well, that explains why I couldn’t find you on zwiftpower. How about a link to the race you were in? I can’t see your activities on Zwift either, you are set to private.

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I am not private for the moment on Zwift

can you show me where I need to fill in those digits please?

They are asking:
Please add 8292 to your in-game Zwift surname. Wait roughly one minute and hit the connect button below. So where do I need to fill in those 4 digits?

In the Zwift companion app you can change your name. But I think you also need to be riding around in the game for zwiftpower to find you.

I think it also. I will try it asap.

Just tried.I give upand try again tomorrow I think.
Why is this so difficult or am I stupid:-)

Probably just a language barrier problem, you aren’t stupid. It’s a strange process, but achievable.


It is a bit more complicated than it should be. The good news is you only need to do it once.


Thats a relief:-)

Thanks Mike, it worked.
You need to fill in the 4 digits directly behind your 2nd name.