Zwift racing beginner

I’m trying to get set up for my first zwift race.

  1. I read one article on here which said “follow instructions on zwift power to add 4 digits to your zwift name”
  2. zwift power (I am connected and registered) has not asked me to do that
  3. I tried another article on here re zwift power but it’s a broken link

So my question… Do I still need to add the 4 digits? How?


That’s probably an old article. I don’t know for certain (it’s been years since I connected my accounts, back when ZwiftPower wasn’t owned by Zwift) but now you log into ZwiftPower using your Zwift login so I don’t think there should be any need to add 4 digits to your Zwift name anymore.

Thank you. The zwift racing - essential links page needs updating.

This Zwift support guide doesn’t mention the 4 digits …