Zwift power log in adding number to zwift profile

I am looking for help on adding my zwift power id number to my zwift profile after the username.

I have zwiftpower and have done some racing but I do not know my id number?

When I try to log in to zwift power I can not, I have them reset my password and I use the link, it says successful but then I see no “could not find profile”?
Is the profile in zwift power something I should see and get my number to add to zwift?
I am not sure the password reset link logged me in even though it indicates successful.
I go up and enter username again and try the password they sent and it fails?
Then contact system admin says off line.
I was hoping to add this number for future events and races.
Will my entry still work without adding the number?

Here is how to find your Zwift ID:

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Thanks, I now have my number and will add it.
I will work on the log in issue later.

Are most people adding their numbers and is mandatory to have the number or just zwift power?
I have raced prior without it but after reading the latest challenge flyer I thought maybe it was going to be required.
No one will doubt my 3 watts per now!


@Gerrie_Delport can answer that better than I can.

You only need to add the number for one event on Zwift so that Zp can connect with you.


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Is it a 4 digit number or 6.

I see 132966 when I look at the file.

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yes 6 look about right.

I generated the 4 digit and will add it.

If people would just read the directions damn it!

Sorry I must have essential Virus fatigue (I just made that up)

Still failing, it gave me different user to connect to so I must not have the correct user id 132966

Rob Mitchell

Hi Rob, Your user id should start with 159XXXX

7 numbers

Log into,

Go to one of your rides click the gear icon and when you hover over Download you will see your ID in the bottom


Thanks for your time.

Now I changed to full screen (■■■■ everyone knows that) and see it, 1593996. I had a smaller window on my monitor and the number did not display.

Only download and select a reader format. Wow I suck and have Essential (expendable) Virus fatigue , I just made that up so it is now a real thing from when you are working but don’t get the essential feeling.

I am added and signed the waiver to the power site and no one will doubt my average over the hill numbers. Thanks again.

I owe you a pint.


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