Cannot link Zwift Power

I have opted in on my profile on my Zwift to be a part of Zwift power.
However when I have tried to log in and register it says I have to change my ID ???
Can annoy or shed some light pls

From your other post, it looks like you are already signed up and Zwiftpower is getting your data from Zwift.


If I remember correctly, once you sign up for zwiftpower and allow them access to your data, they give you a number that you add to your name in Zwift and ride around long enough for them to sync with your account.

Check this out

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Have you tried asking Sticky on ZP Forum?

Found my number 135678 but how do I link

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)

With some real patience I think I am finally linked. Thanks guys !!!

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer
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How can I find again the 4digit code to link to zwiftpower? (Im asking on behalf of a co-athlete friend who seems to have skipped this step somehow)