4-figure ID: Connect to ZwiftPower


I just tried to connect my Zwift ID to ZwiftPower, but it didn’t recognized mine (2887). I think that’s because my account is made during the Beta version of Zwift. Does anyone have a tip?


Probably you did not do Step 1

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thank you! problem solved!

I’m brand new to zwift. I did not ride 1 meter on zwift.After my vacation, In 2 weeks i will start at level 1 :grinning:. and then i will start my 14 days free trial, followed by monthly abbo.
I have an account on zwift and zwiftpower.
Is it still necessary to have the 4 digit numbers after your ridername? Here i’m struggling how to do it.
I will run zwift on my windows 11 laptop, companion app on android smartphone.
Can i check that the connection between zwift and zwiftpower is ok?



Do any event (group ride, group workout, race) and you should see something on your ZwiftPower profile a few minutes after it’s over. It takes longer for the power data to be finalized (this requires processing of the FIT data file). Initially it will be showing the “live” data which is less precise. Make sure you save the event as Public if you want the most data to be visible on your profile.

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Alternatively if you do not have time to do an event as your first ride you can just do a free ride, over 2km, and that should appear on your ZwiftPower Profile Activities tab.

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Hey Paul, thanks for the reply. Then i think everything is ok. zwiftpower is connected to my zwift- and strava account. Zwift ID is verified in zwiftpower, zwift power account is activated.

I’ll do a groupride once i’m back from our holiday and check my zwiftpower.
Looking forward to join the zwift community :muscle:

thanks again

Ian, thanks,

Normally is was going to join zwift later this year, but with the double XP (tour the zwift) from 2 october, i’ll start earlier :grinning:
I’m planning to do a freeride on october 1, just to check everything out, connecting my smarttrainer and get the first feeling on zwift, companion app, screens,…

I’ll check zwiftpower after my first free ride.