Zwiftpower activities

I was log in yesterday to my zwiftpower account to check my Zwift activities. I noticed that last activity there was from May 9th 2021, so lot of activities are missing after that. Any thoughts what is reason for that?.

The ‘Activities’ tab in ZwiftPower doesn’t automatically refresh - you need to click the blue ‘Update Activity List’ button to get it to refresh.

I have done that few times but nothing changed.

Have you maybe fallen out of the account Opt in time limit for ZwiftPower? Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Registration and Privacy Settings’ and check that you are fully Opted in on ZwiftPower. I am also not sure if ZwiftPower requires your Zwift Activities to be set to ‘Public’ rather than ‘Private’ in order to puick them up. It’s another thing for you to check.

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I checked that too and it was opt-in. Just in case i change it to opt-out and then back to opt-in and nothing didn’t change. I can see all my events ride but they are not in a activities list and my solo rides as well. Private settings are also checked and they are activated until 01 January, 2025.

All your Events in ZP are listed as Private. The clue is the green lightning bolt next to avg w/kg - it’s blue if they are not private.

Okay, i need to go check my Zwift settings better. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, I would like to connect but I can’t get the 4 digits for my ID, what can I do? … I tried and tried again but they don’t come out, thanks.

Well it should go like this. First you need to find your ID number it’s an a Zwift folder, Documents->Zwift->CP-> user1234. Digit’s after a user is your ID, it could be 5 digits as well or even more. On Zwift game add those digits after your name without space bar. It might take a moment to update to Zwiftpower.