Please update your Zwift ID on the connection page to complete registration

This is the repeated error message I see at the top banner of the ZwiftPower page when attempting to find and connect my account.

I created an account at ZwiftPower with a unique username, etc…
I connected on Zwift using Opt In to ZwiftPower
I can find my results from yesterday’s TdZ Stage 1 on the ZwiftPower results page
I am unable to find my profile in the rider database on ZwiftPower and connect my account.

I can find my Zwift Id using the FAQ by hovering over the Download FIT File link from yesterday’s activity. Searching that ID in ZwiftPower does not yield any results.

Have you done the steps to actually connect from the Zwift Power side? e.g. where you include your Zwift ID number in the last name of your Zwift profile?

Step 11:

(Or indeed, the previous steps 8-10?)

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Go to your account and settings and see if you ticked the give consent button.


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So many hoops to jump through…

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I followed the 4 steps on the ZwiftPower account site… not 11 steps.

Okay, so the Zwift ID is the unique number found next to the backslash after “prod” when hovering over the “Download FIT File” from my latest activity.

This seems unnecessarily complex and there should be an easier method to see the Zwift ID and connect the accounts… I did not have to perform such a convoluted process to connect Zwift to literally any other account… including Garmin (almost always a clustereff).

At any rate; it’s now connected and I hope this helps someone else running into the same troubles I just went through. The ZwiftPower registration account site is NOT clear on these details and the links to the ZwiftPower FAQ are broken when linking over to the Zwift side.

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Did you see this page?


It would be Zwift Power -Login I think. You should just need to click the Connect button there, after you’ve added the 4 digit PIN to your name.

You can do that on the Web at The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App or in the Companion app

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Ah, glad it’s sorted! Ride on! :smiley: