Connect to zwiftpower

Impossible to connect to zwiftpower; I always get: cannot find rider with that Zwift-ID

Did you opt-in from zwift.


Yes I did; I did all of this mentioned in the documentation

Cannot find Zwift ID is almost certainly because you have not opted-in. On your zwift>connections page once you properly opt-in the display will then show ‘Opt-out’ so is not a reflection of your current status.

Thanks a lot; it worked now.
I tried a lot of things; I certainly did opt-in, but apparently I disconnected again.
But I never updated my name in the mobile app, I updated always my name in my Zwift-profile.
Is that the reason it didn’t work?

I’m not entirely sure as I’ve not been through the whole process myself. Happy to hear it’s sorted now though.

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