Zwift Power Account

 Hi all,

I am  trying to connect Zwift Power to my Zwift account but get this response

Cannot find verify code in your Zwift name. Make sure the name has updated and is visible in Zwift before continuing.

How do I do this?

Thanks Mike

Hi, You are given a 4 digit code number to add to your Zwift name by ZP. You add for a bit, then you can remove it after you are added to the ZP system. You add the numbers to your name in Zwift, ride then log back into ZP.

In addition to Cary’s post, if you’re having trouble locating your ID code you can use: 

This online app requires you to input your Zwift name and password. I’s probably a good idea to change your password after your ID has been presented.

Thanks Cary and Paul.

Cary you comented…

“You add the numbers to your name in Zwift,”

I tried adding the 4 digit code to my name in the  mobil app but it doesnt take.  Do  I add the code to in game app or my zwift desktop account?

 I got it.  Thanks!