New rider forgot to get his 4 digit code. Help?

One of our riders, was able to setup his Zp account but… read the following… help???

“I was able to set up a ZwiftPower account and link it to my Zwift account but somehow skipped the step of getting the four digit power code and now I can’t create one. Do I need to delete my ZwiftPower account and set it up again?”

Anyone help? is there someone at Zwift I can refer him to get up and connected?

That sounds odd. I thought the whole requirement of 4 digit zp code when away when they enabled sso logon suing your zwift credentials.

Do they have a zp account now and does it has the correct zwift id?

It sounds like someone has read an old article where the code used to be required to link Zwift and ZP, and is confused by the new simpler method.

Thank you and sorry. I didn’t know that the 4 digit code wasn’t needed anymore.

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