Zwiftpower 4 digit code

Hi Zwifters,

Have tried to find the answer, sorry for asking again if answered…can I remove the 4 digit code after my last name after connecting Zwift to zwiftpower? Is that possible? Or will I always been known as Darren 5445 :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re talking about changing in Zwift, go to “”, My Profile, then Edit Profile, delete 5445, then Save. If you are talking about Zwift Power, then go to Profile, then Settings, delete 5445, then Update.

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Miro already told you how to do it (and yeah, you have to do it separately in both places), but just to be clear: the code is just used to authenticate that it is actually you opening the ZP account and so yes, you can delete it as soon as your accounts have been successfully linked, it’s not like a race/license number or anything.

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Thank you Miro and Anna for the reply.