Automatically add "Event name + Category" to rider name

It is common practice to request a rider to add the event and their category to their name - this is tedious and can be automated by software.


I think the name & category hack has been helpful, but now Zwift shows the category group (A, B, C, etc) in the rider list.  The event tag (KISS, EVR, etc) was really handy when you were on course with others but these days the races are set up so participants only see their cohort of racers so it isn’t strictly necessary.

This just leaves teams.  Many of us put something like [Vision] in our name tag.  If I were king I would really like to see a mini jersey icon for the teams shown with the name.  These icons are already in use in the race summary screen so this would seem feasible to eliminate the last name hack out there.

Oh, and the irony that my name display for this answer has my team and category showing.  :)

Yes please, nice adition.