Dropdown Name Choices

With riders doing group, race, and team rides much more frequently, our need to add Team names and/or name extensions is quite common.  To make these name switches easier, it would be great to have the Zwift profile edit page to have a drop down selection available for our different names, so we can easily select  THANKS. 

Another thing that might be good would be to add a separate field for “Team”. 

As the longer names scroll left and right, having the team separate could enable that aspect to stay fixed.

I’m in the separate name field camp.  Appending some letters to your name is a work around and worthwhile experiment, but proper registration to teams or groups is the next step.

On that note, I prefer generally to see people use real names.  The trend has gone recently toward all sorts of nicknames.  It’s just my preference and something I doubt that Zwift will have much control over.

I certainly like a user editable field (perhaps on the customisation page) to add a name suffix _or_ allow name edits other than on the pause screen (which isn’t really very user friendly).

Programatically and practically this probably makes most sense to be a text entry field rather a combo-box/drop-down type widget - otherwise it’d be mostly work keeping up with what people want. When official teams and team events come in that could obviously be handled elsewhere and automatically, don’t necessarily see a clash there. Just me 2p worth anyway :slight_smile: