Group rides without other riders

Group rides are big fun. Would be nice to have an option to join or organize a group ride without seeing other riders who are not part of the group. Sometimes it is confusion when groups are overtaking other riders to see who is part of the group or not.

On group rides, there’s an extension that you’re supposed to add to your name to identify yourself as a group member. After doing so, why not have a feature of your Avatar help to identify you as a group member (i.e. glowing helment, wheels, or jersey) or perhaps some object (i.e. halo, cone, etc.) floating above the avatar? Part of the appeal in cycling are seeing the other riders on the rd. Eliminating this element may take away from the ride experience.

Yes. The riders list should only contain a group members.

The group leader should also be highlited in the list and always visible in the list no matter how far he is behind or ahead. That way any group meber could adjust his pace to follow the leader as needed.