Color Code Groups for Racing - who am I racing against?!

I’ve done a few races and it’s always hard to tell who I am racing against for many reasons:

  1. We are on active route with fast people.
  2. All categories are lumped together and for us C/D riders busting a gut trying to chase down a FRIGGIN A unbeknownst to them until a Zwift Power lookup . errrrgg…is super frustrating and bad for my race!

Signifying Categories or subgroups by color would help.

For example everyone get a “Z”-number-badge on the back of their jersey (like real races get numbers) RED Numbers on jersey or highlighted names on rider menu or BOTH for Cat A, GREEN for B, Yellow for C… etc…

What would be better is as a Cat C person if I were able to LIMIT my view in the Riders menu to just those racing C and give options for a: watching top 10/20 always, b: watching those in your group only, c: watch yourself and others as normal…this would be a great help.

Granted if you’re top 20 you can figure this out pretty easily… but there are hundreds of riders in some events and riding at 136th place you still want to beat the 135th person, so help us figure out who we are racing against please.

Doesn’t looking at the mini map or Zwift Companion already give you this information?

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Yes, but why not make it even easier so you’re not darting back and forth between multiple screens. Ideally you should just be staring at the main screen and be able to have all the information you need to effectively race.

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Hi Shane

There is currently race organizers that does use a different starting pen for each category. Even the Tour de Zwift use different pens for the different categories.

You will see all the riders has a Blue C next to there names.

Some race organizers like mass start event others individual groups.

But I like the ride number, that can even help identify your rider. And differentiate between a group ride and Race.

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I think another part of the Blue C is that you can’t see folks off the front or way behind. The number or bike solution doesn’t solve this either. it would be preferable to have this info on a scalable map. This is Zwift racing…having all the info at. your fingertips is the leveler and it really puts the “winning” on your legs. So, to have as much data…way more than the average IRL rider has, to me, is what will separate this e-sport from IRL racing. Maybe sell a “Racing Package” where for $20 a month, you have way more data and customizability. providing a coaching area … a cockpit of sorts… where analysis of the other riders can be made and then communicated to their rider. I know a lot of girlfriends, wives along with parents, friends and coaches will be pulled into Cockpit duty if this were to exist.

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The map already show the riders in different colours. If the race organizer to show all groups. But most will only show your group in staggered starts.

Unfortunately that map is not scalable. I’d put it on another monitor “blown up” so you can get some realistic sense of where they are. I work as a producer and colorist, communicating ideas visually for a living. My tools have these capabilities and they are key to visualizing the information. I hope one day Zwift will have the code to make these elements as separate scalable windows.

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