Maybe add an indication for Lap Leader?

(Richard Grieve) #1

It looks like there are 3 “Jerseys” up for grabs on Zwift island, at any given time: Orange (sprint to the finish), green (sprint to the intermediate sprint point), and polka dot (climb). How about also add a “Jersey” for lap leader - that is, the highest number of laps, of currently riding people. This might be good motivation for a lot of people - especially people that might not be contending for the other titles; certainly anyone can just keep riding - and that’s a good thing, and it makes sense to recognize that…

(Scott LaFountain) #2

I like the idea of a lap jersey. On a side note, I think that if you are able to get any leader jersey’s they should unlock a jersey for you to wear in the game. It shouldn’t be the same as the leader jersey but just a jersey to show that you earned it at some point in the game.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Not sure if you’ve logged in today, but the orange jersey is the lap leader now.

(Richard Grieve) #4

Hi Jon,
I was did a ride this morning, but saddly was not fast enough to get the Orange jersey :slight_smile: I like that change.

Having said that, my original suggestion was to put a jersey on the current user with the highest number of laps, not the one with the fastest full lap. On the one hand, that has the appeal that pretty much anyone can get that jersey, if the ride long enough; this can’t be said for the other jerseys, which are mostly going to be reserved for the big-power guys. Maybe this can be a carrot for those who won’t ever get the orange/green/polkadot. On the other hand, a “highest # of laps” (or really furthest current distance) jersey will also be more like a real race - it might encourage some long term chase-downs and racing, no unlike what we get in real road races…

(Jon Mayfield) #5

Got it, that is an interesting idea - I like it. We’ll give it some thought and if it makes sense that feature may get added sooner rather than later. Cheers.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #6

Be nice to have that start/finish sprint jersey restored as well as the lap leader orange jersey. I also like the most laps jersey idea as well.