Earning & Buying Zwift Green Jersey Polka Dot Etc

(Graham Evans) #1


As a regular Zwift user I think you are missing a tr


As you have the photo-option I think you should allow your users to buy the various jerseys such as:


Green Jersey for winning or leading a sprint.

King of the mountains 

Race leader etc.


Why restrict them to just in game and they would be a great marketing tool for real life Zwifters to connect and to attract new Zwifters.


I would suggest a screen grab of you with the relevant jersey on should qualify you to order the relevant jersey in your size.


What do you think? I think better engagement all round and better brand awareness and some satisfied Zwifters.


(Vincent W.) #2

That would be pretty cool! I’m sure we’d all love some new IRL Zwift gear :smiley: I’ll log this and forward the idea over. Thanks for letting us know about your idea! 

(Zee Kryder) #3

I like the Volcano and Alp jerseys. The leader/climb combo is pretty cool.



(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #4

Have to say, I agree. I want the ZFondo jersey to go with my new Canyon.  :slight_smile:

(..Troy) #5

Good idea.


(Paul Allen) #6

Actually, this has been suggested a couple of times. Make sure you also do a search and vote those request up also.