New IRL Zwift Jerseys Too Plain

New Zwift Jerseys

Nice to see Zwift finally released some jerseys.
However, they aren’t what Zwifters have requested.
The Volcano jersey should match the Watopia jersey. they look nothing alike.
Alp Jersey, Fuego Flat jersey, Epic Climb jersey…where are they?
All I see is simple orange, pink, and blue.
Below is the Alp jersey.

Not providing in game replicas of jerseys is a huge miss on Zwifts part.

And ya, they could have done way better even if they didn’t replicate in game jerseys.


Agreed. I would totally buy a polka-dot Alpe KOM Jersey with the Yeti on back, and maybe even “Ride Up” shorts. This simple green Jersey that seems to have nothing to do with Zwift? Not so much.


Forget the jerseys, I already have plenty of those. What I want to see is a small, electronic bike ‘horn’ that has buttons for reasonably loudly (like enough for a passing cyclist to hear clearly) spitting out all of the various in ride comments: “Ride On!”; “Hammer Time!”; “I’m Toast.”; and “Niiiiice!” Something the size of the RockBros unit would be great. I don’t know how loud it would be at that size, but I’d be into something like this. (With a Zwift orange silicone casing, of course!)


We need a fan-based poll on what to replace “hammer time” with…and hurry.