Leader jersey on achievement page

(Koen) #1


I would like to see the feature on the achievement page where you can see a total of how many times you have conquered a Leader Jerseys.
Hilly Loop
Zwift KOM
Jungle loop
Box Hill

and all reverse segments
(and if possible, when introducing this feature, please have it ‘backtesting’ :slight_smile:

And in adidion, your best time of that segment.

These are only 2 examples, there is so much you can do on this matter.

Looking forward to it!

(Jon Izagirre TFC (B)) #2

Agreed! It’s very disappointing to make the effort and then see the Leader Jersey forever disappear, like tears in the rain :cry:

(Daren) #3

But it should only count jerseys taken on the scheduled world.

I once got the Alpe du Zwift yeti jersey. But there were only three of us on the leader board. Snatching a jersey because there were only 2 other people on the course isn’t much of an achievement. :smiley:

(Koen) #4

Yes indeed. Hacking yourself into a world should not count :slight_smile:

(A) #5

Besides if Zwift is counting the leader jersey PB (from first day at Zwift) should be valid as well.

(Daren) #6

Why? For the reason I stated before. =) There’s no achievement in gaming the system and taking a jersey because you switched world and were the only person riding a reverse lap. :wink:

I’ve no idea if they’ve retained all the historical data as to who got which jersey and when. I know you can see it in recent activities on the Companion app, but if you go back several months it says the activity isn’t available. So I think it’s quite possible they haven’t been keeping records for the past 3 or 4 years.