WTRL ZRL Forcing jersey requirement; we need a solution here

ZHQ, We really need the ability to send a code or something to teammates so they can use the jerseys we have set for our teams.

For some of us; my team included, is now an out of date jersey due to having two teams being forced into the same timezone and division (despite choosing separate timezones), and is non-accessible, meaning I’m FORCED to break this new rule…

Zwift Support emails trying to get a jersey into folks’ garages have been unsuccessful across several attempts over now several weeks… it’s a waste of your support time, and a waste of team manager and captain’s time.

It’s ridiculous that we’re being forced to wear unique jerseys now when we don’t even have the ability to ensure other folks have them.

Give us unlock codes, or all ZRL / Team race events to lock in and auto-set jerseys, because this rule is unrealistic, despite all of the complaints to WTRL that there’s no way everyone can deal with this change.

We need a solution!


Andrew - we’ve not had a problem in getting jerseys for people. I like to tell people to expect up to 2 weeks, as we batch our requests once a week - but they’re usually actioned within a work day.

What kind of turn-around were you trying for?

One that doesn’t involve “rule” breaking ideally.
And as we continue to onload folks onto our teams, this problem only continues to compound as folks from requests weeks ago still don’t have jerseys, and now have even more folks to add onto this growing list that isn’t going anywhere.

I just fail to see why we can’t be given a code, or the system can’t auto-set our jerseys since it knows what team we’re racing for.

I don’t get why it has to be this difficult.

I highly recommend just ditching ZRL, and/or not rushing to add people at the last second, just have teams from your existing club riders.

Zwift have made the decision that if clubs don’t want any of the more open rules for custom jerseys (Herd green & blue is “complete one of our group rides”) then it’s through Zwift HQ.

Honestly, I think this likely is another example of WTRL rushing to implement a rule without fully gaming the consequences… which is why I’ve dropped ZRL as long as they’re running it.

I don’t even know what the new rule is, so your quip about rule breaking is wasted on me. I’m sure it was clever though.

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They said that teams from the same club in the same division should wear difference jerseys which i’m happy with the rule but it does not make things easy.

Racepasses were so late last week and you didnt know who was in the division until you joined the race so it was impossible to tell.

Leaving teams to figure out if there is a clash makes the rule silly it needs to be part of the team registration process to highlight clashes.

But looking at the bigger picture on problems with jerseys the unluck process is well out of date. I’m not sure why ZHQ dont get a devs time for a week and add it ot the club front end rather than dealing with 10s of email each week and manual unlocks. They do a great job but blows my mind why they do it this way.

And of course the creating a jersey process needs massively improved so smaller clubs can get a jersey easiser.

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Then why are you here?

Gordon just went over the fine details of how big of a fall on the face this was, when Oceania didn’t get ZRL Racepasses until < 6 hours before race time; and we didn’t even know positions in terms of divisions etc. until nearly a week after the first race.

And as a reminder; my team wasn’t even placed in the time zone I selected.

If series like WTRL / ZRL as big as they are, are going to put limits on us as captains, teams, etc. Then we HAVE to have the ability to follow them.

This rule cannot be followed due to Zwift’s own system.

This needs resolving.

Just boycott the series. Do the Dirt series or ladder or something.

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Please stop trying to derail this thread.


agree that zhq could make it easier. i had to wait four months for a jersey once. though it was during corona so will not hold it to them

but if a rule needs to bend for a good reason, just send martin a ticket brother. say something nice before you hit him with the lawyer ■■■■ and chances are he will go the extra mile for you. rules are nice but they’re designed to target a certain kind of behaviour, rather than to mess with people for no reason

i don’t think the rule is actually new craig. it’s been around for some years, though not strictly enforced. it was around when i was waiting for my own aforementioned jersey

Unfortunately, the best response I’ve received from Martin was him pointing his fingers at Zwift.

So it’s a bit like that spiderman meme:

So to round things up; we continue to be forced to break this rule for ZRL, that WTRL implemented and is now “enforcing”, and yet we don’t even have the capability to follow the rule to begin with.

And to prove how big of an issue this is; since starting this thread, we now have 3 new teammembers, and remember the first person who is still waiting on a jersey unlock? Well… now it’s 4 of them, and that number only grows.

So I’ve spoken with Martin, Zwift support tickets have been sent.
We’ll just continue to break the rule until we can be granted the ability to follow it I guess.

But, can’t you wear as a team one of the other jerseys which are in your garage. (Ie unlocked level 10)

I understand you want to wear the one of your team. But if I understand correctly the goal of WTRL is that you are looking as one team. I don’t believe it matters what jersey you are wearing, but if all the members are wearing the same?

Or am I missing something?

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you are assigned a jersey when registering a team, so technically no you can’t just choose a stock/random one.

Ahh, so your teammates have to mandatory wear jersey [A] while not everybody has (direct) access to that jersey.

You’re right that is ******

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What should really happen is having plenty of simple generic jerseys for all teams with colour or pattern differences. Those would be faster for Zwift to deal with.

No teams (unless they are actual pro teams) get proper custom jerseys to match their IRL ones.

That would also remove the scenario “waiting four months for a jersey”.

I usually batch my unlocks and submit every week and 99% of the time they are actioned the same day.

are you emailing them in?


Team manager is; but as mentioned a few times already; no dice on anyone getting jerseys.

emailing the events team? It’s a stupid process but they are very efficient at getting them done i’ve found.

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I’m with Gordon. While it could undoubtedly be automated, the manual process is reliable and fast. Are you sure you/your manager are contacting the right people?

Perhaps not; is that something any “normal” person like myself can get in touch with?

Depends if you are the normal person that manages the team. Are you admin for the club on zwift or anything. It’s just a standard email you need to send nothign fancy but i assume they have some sort of checks on who can request what kit unlocks.